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Full one year Scholarship Per Student




Half a year Scholarship per Student


A term school fees and Books per Student

Kingrich Foundation Scholarship Program

The  Scholarship program was established by Kingrich Foundation who believes in the power of education to transform lives. This scholarship aimed to provide an opportunity for deserving students to overcome financial barriers and unlock the doors to their dreams. 

One of the primary purposes of this scholarship is to make education more accessible and affordable for students who may face financial barriers to pursuing higher education. By providing financial assistance, scholarships help alleviate the burden of tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. This support enables students to focus on their studies and pursue their academic and career goals without the undue stress of financial constraints.

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Recipients of 2023 Kingrich Foundation scholarship

Some of our cheerful Donors

Michael Thompson and Family

Chi Ka

Salihu Adam

Tess Duke

Will Braxton

Mike Thweatt

Preye A

Esther Young

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